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Reproductive System and Sexual Energy healing feedback.

I continue to be gloriously touched by this healing.  Thank you!  I just listened to your recording and was delighted to hear your words resonating specifically with what I have been experiencing the past couple of days.  I feel moved to share a bit more.  The healing began for me in a dream Monday night: magnificent, beautiful, sacred union of masculine and feminine.  I woke feeling profoundly grateful for the connection that can happen, that does happen, that is *real* in the non-physical dimensions.  This afternoon, I was organizing some things around my house and a thought suddenly dropped into my mind, "the purpose of life is pleasure."  As you'll recall, I had posed questions about the purpose of being human during our session last week; in that sudden moment today, I decided: if I don't know what the purpose of being human is, I can just pick something!  So I choose Pleasure.  I proceeded to organize little odds and ends around my home with great enjoyment.  :) 


Sonoma, California

"I have suffered from asthma since early childhood. On September 2nd I had joined the trust healing. At the time of the healing I was travelling to Sedona with three girlfriends for an active girls weekend. Ten min before boarding I realized in had left my inhaler behind. I use it every day of my life. I went into panic, called doctors there to try get a replacement. I suddenly realised the trust healing had begun ten min before. I closed my eyes and allowed myself to TRUST.... trust i'm heathy and this chronic childhood illness no longer serves me. I had done the previous Respiratory Healings and had a strong improvement. I have now been asthma free fro 7 weeks and feel its left my system. A true miracle for my health and life. "



"My sister was in the ICU for a heart problem and today after the Heart healing she was feeling much better and tomorrow she will leave ICU. Thank you. "


Sarasota, FL, US

I got up during the healing, dug out my juicer and made the healthiest green juice possible. My body spoke to me so strongly and  all I want to do is cleanse! It feels a clearing out on many levels, physically bringing in a new healthy way of nourish my body. I was struggling with the current world situation, in this healing I suddenly felt able to "digest" rather than fight what is. 

It had such a profound impact on me. Thank you! 


Aukland, NZ

"I am finding great benefit through these healings, and am grateful to be a part of them. The first one was really strong, and the rest have been very subtle, but the benefits unfold over time, I find for me. Cumulatively, I think they have been quite powerful in supporting flexibility and healing in my field."


Nevada, US

Oh man, I could feel the healing before it even began today, my husband too. I noticed the endocrine healing really flushed my physical and energetic systems; my cheeks, face, neck and upper chest have been pink and flushed all day. My VPC (vertical power current) is strong, like noticeably  stronger, chakras have remained open all day, sensitive to information and downloads coming in from the ancestors, feeling my feet firmly rooted to the ground. My Pineal and pituitary are pulsing, and I feel more life force coming through in my lower chakras. I also noticed it was much easier to take in my own sweetness (the pleasure of my Self) when reflected to during lunch with a colleague (pancreas). 

AWESOME HEALING!!!!  It moved a lot for me… still integrating.  

Louise, 53

London, UK

"I have participated in your healings every week for 3 months now. I did this as a SELF CARE gift to myself.  My health and body has transformed in incredible ways. As I participate in a different system each week, I feel my overall health finding new levels of balance, health and also trust that my body is constantly changing and healing. My immune system is so strong, the Endocrine and Nervous system healings have cured my adrenal fatigue, I am able to run and be fit again, that I have not for 12 years. Thank You!"

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