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Retreats in 2024

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8-11 July 2024

Healing Retreat for Couples

Couples Retreat 


Join us in Tuscany in 2024 with love. This ancient land with its characteristic landscapes and incredible light will envelop you and your partner in the beautiful process of integrating your creation. 

Your creation is your family, your business, or a new project that you both are invested in.

In this retreat, we offer a sanctuary away from the noise of the world, a space where you can rediscover joy, intimacy, expansion, and love. This is a transformative experience designed to deepen your connection and support the bond between you, your partner, and the creative and sensual flow of Life.

We understand the creative process that happens when we are in partnership.

When we combine our energy and our qualities with the energy and qualities of someone that we love. We can create and manifest the life that we want.

Make a call with us to chat about our retreat here. 


About Us..... 

Manel Casanova


The creator of Universal Healing.

A very experienced energy healer and spiritual teacher, with a deep love of working with peoples longings and manifestation. 

His curiosity for the human experience and his understanding about the incredible capacity to heal and integrate all the difficult situations in life is taking him to bring more opportunities for transformation into the world.

Life is relational; we are always in relationship with others and with multiple aspects of life.

He passionately supports his clients and groups to dig deeply into who they truly are and live from this space of authenticity and joy. 

Manel likes to take you into a beautiful journey of understanding the feminine/masculine  polarities and how to use them to improve your relationship.

Ceren Akcelik Brunini


body-mind therapist and Gestalt Coach - Ceren works with individuals, couples and groups to support those to have a clear calling for their true- authentic selves by developing clear communications with nature, their own-self, and the universe to attract their desiring life.

She believe that we all face this existential question sooner or later and that finding the answer helps us align with nature and mobilize the universe to attract the life we desire.


She supports one to see what may get in the way of our highest self.


She has dedicated her research and practice to understand our defense mechanisms, our habitual patterns, that stops us from reaching our desired life.

When we remember our true nature, we move our attention away from the unknown, back to what is deeply familiar.


As we reconnect with our unique core essence, we also reconnect with the most joyous and natural expression of who we are.

  What to expect:​

  1. Group Healing Circles: Come together with fellow couples in intimate group healing circles facilitated by experienced therapists and healers. Engage in heart-centered practices, guided meditations, and supportive dialogue aimed at fostering collective connection, and mutual support within the group. 

  2. Exploring energetic Tantric techniques to connect deeper with your partners and use your creative force to open your sensual gateway of flow with Life in the present moment.

  3. Couples' Integration Work: Deepen your connection with your partner through couples' integration work focused on processing and integrating your creation. Explore family constellation techniques for effective communication, emotional intimacy, and mutual support, fostering a deeper understanding and connection with your beloved.

  4. Soulful Exploration and Reflection: Set aside time for quiet introspection and soulful exploration amidst the tranquil beauty of Tuscany's countryside. Whether it's a contemplative walk through verdant vineyards, journaling in a secluded garden, or meditating amidst ancient olive groves, embrace the opportunity to reconnect with your inner selves and each other.

  5. Heart-Centered Group Processes: Engage in transformative group processes and rituals designed to foster vulnerability, authenticity, and emotional release. From guided breathwork sessions to expressive arts activities, these processes create a safe and supportive space for deepening your connection with yourself, your partner, and the group.

  6. Integration and Celebration: Conclude your retreat with a celebratory integration ceremony, where you'll come together as a community to honor your individual and collective growth, insights, and transformations. Reflect on the journey you've shared, express gratitude for the connections forged, and set intentions for continuing your journey of love, healing, and connection beyond the retreat.

​DATES & PRICES:  4 Days/4 Nights

Exclusive bespoke boutique hotel en-suite is per couple is €6,800  (US$7,250) *** Double occupancy

* A Deposit €1500 per couple secures your space.. Payment plan on request. 


This includes accommodation, all meals, transfers, retreat and experiences including cooking class and nature immersion.

Not included - flights, travel and additional drinks or tours. 

Arrival and departure airport: Rome Airport FCO or Pisa International Airport (also named Galileo Galilei Airport)

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