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jue, 20 jun



Healing Vortex for Transmutation

We invite you (and your loved ones) to join this special FREE event... A healing for Transmuation. All our healers will be holding this event as we create a portal of the highest consciousness and love. We will create an Energy Vortex to support new life into your life & family.

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Healing Vortex for Transmutation
Healing Vortex for Transmutation

Horario y ubicación

20 jun 2024, 13:00 – 14:00 GMT-4



Acerca del evento

Universal Healing is creating a Vortex for Transmutation this Summer Solstice. 

We invite you to join us  for this free event on this powerful day of the Solstice. 

We will support you in transmuting fears that create resistance in your life for the natural expression of your essential impulse.

Transmuting fear we open up for more Light.

This is a portal to transmute anything you want to let go of and alllow it to transform into a higher support for you and our life. 

Eg. Transmuting anger allows for love forgiveness. 

Bring an relational issue and allow the light to transmute it to a higher possiblity. 

Please join us and invite your friends and family for this Free healing.

All our healers will create a powerful energy vortex to

bring healing to the resistance that keeps the natural creative impulse in a space of distortion and negativity.

Let's free the power of our Essence in our Life.

Humanity and this planet is in a time of immense change and transformation (not just physically), we are coming together in community (online) to support the highest timeline and consciouness to Rebirth a better humanity and Earth. 

This Energy Portal of highest love and consciouness we will support the highest possiblity to birth your longings and dreams for this lifetime on this Earth in this time. 

Our creation is our responsibility. If our fears are the main guidance for our creation, we can perceive it with fear and it will keep generating fear.

If our eternal Essence is the energy that guides our creation we will feel great satisfaction and pleasure.

All our life is our creation and we can make it pleasurable and satisfactory.

Please invite all your friends and family to be part of this healing. They do not have to be available to join online. If one is busy during the healing it will still be received by your being and intergrated during the next hours. 

This is an act of receiving and integrating healing. 

To join  add the name and email address per person.

This powerful energy vortex is to clear the air and allow light and consiousness into your body system, family and life.... claim your body, your power, your dreams and bring them to their highest potential. 

Whatever it is you dream to manifest this Equinox, please bring it to this portal and allow the energy field to support you to live fully and to creat all you long for. 

Be it a healthy body, calm mind, a new love,  home, family, job, happy children, peace, power, wealth etc.

We are the masters of our own body and life  but traumas, fears and resistance are keeping us small and contained.  

Allow this portal to Rebirth the to be who you are here to be. 

We invite you to join us on Zoom to align and set the intention with our healers. Or just receive the healing as you go about your day....

Connect in Love on Zoom at 1pm EDT

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 444 931 5483

In this world of possibilities, you’ll find that your life can be rekindled by the present moment,

right here, right now.  You’ll find that by taking a new perspective, you can become a force for change.

Commit to yourself fully. 

Creating your life in a way that it is corresponding to your dreams is a work that is not for everybody.

It is for the bold.

It is time for us to take a stand by choosing to evolve and experience the fullness of being human.

Change comes from within.

So we need to stand in our own Light....  right now.

There is immense promise for our future – and we can start creating it right now!  today!

You are the change – so start with your own life! 

Please use one of our beautiful guided meditation to prepare for or do during the Transmuation Vortex.... See Experience page on website. 

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