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Healer - Trauma Therapist

Taslim believes strongly in the healing power of love: self-love, family love & divine love.

She works with Workplace Trauma, Ancestral/ Family, Racial/ Gender, Pain & Anxiety.

In her own healing journey, she learned to infuse herself with love and to trust love—more deeply than anything else.

Along with being a healer, meditation teacher and social entrepreneur, she founded a Community Healing Space in Manhattan for survivors of trauma called Reciprocity Foundation. (
She has lovingly supported BIPOC/Queer communities, and also specializes in healing workplace trauma for leaders.
She graduated from the Barbara Brennan School and Queen’s University with degrees in Biology/Healing Science and earned an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Her works supports divorce, grief, career challenges, anxiety, illness, family hurts and everything else that ails our collective human consciousness. Holding her clients in pure love.

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