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Neuroscientist - Healer

Since a very early age, Ceren has dedicated herself to studying the Human Energy Field and to the practice

Through in-person healing sessions or group workshops, Ceren allows the healing power of the human body to come forth and generate lasting change, touching every aspect of the human experience – spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical and using energy as a generative source for wellbeing, health and a way to pursue life longings and purpose.
As part of her healing journey and apprenticeship, beyond the Barbara Brennan Healing School, which represents her foundations as a healer.
Ceren is also a Yoga Alliance certified Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow Yoga instructor, has attended many international workshops and courses on shamanism, somatic coaching, holistic nurturing, animal communication, yoga training, and has completed the certification at the Gestalt Center for Coaching in Istanbul.​
Currently, she is a teacher in Year 1 at the Oxford School- Barbara Brennan.

She completed her training in PSEN - PsychoEnergetics, a multidisciplinary, body-mind approach to understanding and applying depth psychology to a particular style of process facilitation.​
Ceren now lives between Istanbul and Tuscany. Together with her husband, she has created a healing hotel called Dojo Bianco, which allows her to bring forth her offer to people and animals and live in full alignment with her values and vision.
PhD. Student Neuroscience - Koc University cont'd
MSc Psychology - Lynn University FL - 2018/ 2020
Barbara Brennan School Of Healing Teacher Training Studies -2021-2022
Barbara Brennan School Of Healing Advanced Studies - 2018-2021
Psycho-Oncology Training - Istanbul - 2019
PSEN- Psycho Energetics Training - Spain - 2018- 2022
The Gestalt Center for Coaching, Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP)- Istanbul 2014-2015
Acmos Training Certification - Paris - 2018
Barbara Brennan School Of Healing- Florida 2012- 2016

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