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The Vagus Nerve functions as an integral part of our parasympathetic nervous system. 

It controls ALL involuntary body processes, such as:

Heart Beat Breathing, Speech, Swallowing, Blood Pressure, Hearing, Taste, Circulation, Digestion, Gut Health, Memory, Mood, Bladder Movement, Orgasms and Fertility.

The Vagus nerve is the communication between the Gut and Brain. 


Sunday, June 23rd 8-9pm New York Time, EDT


A healthy Vagus Nerve allows us to access the parts of the Brain responsible for Creativity, Higher Cognition and Complex Decision making. 


When the Vagus Nerve is not healthy we operate out of the primal Brain, largely in Flight or Flight response. 


Stress, Anxiety and poor lifestyle (smoking, drinking, bad eating, lack of exercise or sleep) can impair its function. 


This means that we need healthy nerve fibers to send signals from our internal organs to our brainstem that regulate our body’s ability to rest, digest our food, and calm ourselves adequately so that we can function optimally. 

Research is catching up recently to how essential this nerve complex is.


When our sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) response is triggered, we cannot benefit from the relaxation that the Vagus Nerve promotes, and therefore, the grounding and balancing of the client’s energy field will help to create a healthy baseline from which to do the specific work with the Vagus Nerve.



When the Vagus Nerve is not functioning optimumly the body and mind can become suseptible to 

a range of dis-ease such as: 


Depression, Anxiety, Obesity, Cardiovascular & Digestive disorders, Hypertension, Diabetes, Chronic Inflamation, Kidney Malfunction, Infertility, Parkinsons, Epilepsy, Autoimmune Disorders, Hyper-vigilance


  • Healers may do a chelation to charge and balance the energy field before going into a brain balancing.

    This helps organize and activate all of the cranial nerves, of which the Vagus Nerve is the longest. The Vagus Nerve has a network of nerve fibers that goes down each side of the body, through the neck, shoulders, and upper abdomen.

    The healers will sense into the chakras governing these areas, primarily the 3rd, 4th, and 5th chakras, clearing any blocks to properly functioning nerve fibers. We may sense into the alignment of the nervous system by doing work with Hara.

    The healers will also work with your brain’s representation of sensations from your own body- a concept called interoception, that is how your body is able to regulate itself.

    For this healing, especially, notice what sensations you are having physically in your body: your heart rate, your breathing, are there any emotions moving within you? The more you develop this feedback loop through healings, meditation, or mindful exercise, the easier it will be for your body to maintain a healthy baseline.

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