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Sexual energy is part of our life force. When this energy is in balance and flowing we are able to, effortlessly, birth our deepest longings and desires. The Reproductive System is for creating life (physical reproduction being only a part of it), and experiencing it fully.


August 7th, 11am-12pm EDT.


In this healing we will be clearing and balancing the Reproductive and Sexual System in a very specific way.

This system is about creating life (physical reproduction being only a part of it), the life of our deepest longings and desires.


Imbalances in this system can create blockages, making creation harder. It's the system that runs our life energy, abundance and joy.

Bringing harmony back can have an intense and immediate impact on our life.


The physical organs we will be working on include the genitals, reproductive organs, breasts, hormones, and supports that run these systems.


We will work with the different levels of the energy field and the dimensions that support the health of the Reproductive and Sexual Systems.


We can have injuries (physical or emotional) or illnesses that inhibit the regular function of organs. For example..... shame and guilt are strong emotions that stop the natural flow of energy to and in the sexual organs.


Wounding around our sexual and reproductive systems can be imbalances we've carried from an early age, even lifetimes, manifesting in physical or emotional defense or illness. They can also be part of collective stories of abuse, shame, survival, suppression... in this healing these old patterns and energies, that no longer serve us, can be cleared in a powerful and gentle way.



Trauma and repression will bring a sense of unworthiness,  shame and diminishes our personal power.

This inhibits our ability to truly experience life and the pure pleasure of being and creating in a human body.

This allows you to enjoy life to your highest potential.Find deep connection with yourself and others. 

The REPRODUCTIVE System, SEXUAL Organs & Energy Healing

  • This system opens a portal to experience different dimensions of pleasure.


    Experience fertility, virility, move beyond fears, shame and truly embrace who you are.

    Bringing harmony back can have an intense and immediate impact on our life.


    Do you or a loved one suffer from:



    Unable to enjoy orgasm or sex

    Ovarian, Breast, Prostrate cancer

    Polycystic ovaries

    Had a hysterectomy/ prostrate removal

    Struggle with Intimacy

    Any surgery eg Gender Affirming surgery, c-section, implants (breast, penile)

    Need support or balance in sexual energies



    Lack of life force

    Connecting to the Planet, Earth and Nature

    Feeling the pleasure of just being

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