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Teeth have multiple and essential functions in the body. 

They are more than a symbol of  beauty, youth and sign of health. 

They are an essential for digestion, breathing,  for the mouth to eat, speak, smile, and give shape to the face.

This highly specialized and delicate system needs constant care and to be kept in balance and healthy.


August 11th, 8-9pm EST


This Energy Healing will support a healthy Dental system and Mouth. 

From a baby birthing their first tooth, to the elderly who's teeth weaken and drop out, a hard loss physically, emotionally and energetically. 


Certain teeth have specialized roles in types of chewing, with the entire group functioning as a dynamic entity. These critical roles are why the loss of teeth can be so devastating.


One tooth in pain can be a severe and debilitating to the body-mind system. 



We will be working with all aspects and dimensions of the Teeth:

We will be working with the 5th chakras to help to bring clarity and expression to your own truth that can be expressed through your mouth, in what comes in and out.

We will support the alignment of the teeth with their purpose in our body.

We will increase the natural connection of our teeth with the planet Earth. We will clear emotional traumas and we’ll help with the emotional release that happens very strongly trough the teeth and mouth.

We will reinforce the strength of the teeth working with energetic lines of light in the structured levels of the HEF.

We will use sacred geometry to help those teeth that are out of alignment to find the natural harmonic place.  


The human mouth has three main types of teeth: incisors, canines, and molars, all embeded in the bone, sealed by gums. With saliva keeping them lubricated. They are resilient to what comes into the body, in this first point of entry... 


The four tissues: enamel, dentin, cementum, and pulp. From the crystiline enamel to the pulp at the center contains all of your tooth’s nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue.


Teeth, like bones, but stronger,  also participate in mineral exchange.

The four layers of teeth (enamel, dentin, cementun and pulp) work together to keep teeth alive and healthy, The inner layer of the tooth (pulp), closest to the circulatory supply is most active in this.

The TEETH Healing


    • Cavities/ Decay
    • Tooth Pain 
    • Infection - teeth, gums, jaw bone
    • Gum (Periodontal) disease
    • Oral Cancer
    • Loss of Teeth
    • Teething babies
    • Impacted Teeth (Wisdom)
    • Root Canal
    • Implants/ Dentures
    • Struggle speaking/ get stuck on words

    There is an entire science and medical system just to care and support them... Visiting the Dentist is and important part of life.

    Alterations in lifestyle, diet,  hormone levels, vitamin and mineral levels, and some drugs (i.e. tetracycline) can permanently alter the teeth.

    As Teeth are the main crystal stuctures in the body, they are sensitive and charged with energy. Energy medicine has a powerful impact on healing the teeth. 

    The Teeth hold ancient memories and wisdom of the body and existence. 

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