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Personal Power is the capacity to assert oneself in any situation in Life. The capacity to create or build what you want in Life can be directly related to your relationship with your personal power.


August 18th, 8pm-9pm EST


Personal Power comes when we connect deeply into our Heart and our physical body.


Like everything else your personal power relates to the level of consciousness in that you are perceiving Life.


We all have different gifts that we bring with us when we are born, but we can’t really develop these gifts without a sense of personal power. 


In the grounded presence of our heart, our gifts can be expressed in a more natural way.


Being in touch with our Personal Power our life feels effortless.


One of the most common ways to misuse our personal power is to give away the responsibility of our life to others.


If you feel powerless, abused, lost, uncomfortable in your skin, sick, without direction, fearful, etc this healing is for you.



    We are going to align the Hara Line; your personal connection with your primordial Intention to be here in this Life time.

    We are going to work in the lower chakras to open up your connection with your Life Force.

    We are going to explore and clean energetic attachments and thought forms that are keeping you in fear.

    We are going to connect your Heart with the Heart of the planet Earth to help you feel that you belong here.

    We are going to invite your unique gifts to be present and shine in your body and energy field.


    Feel your Personal Power and feel the right to be who you really are.

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