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ANKLES, KNEES, HIPS, SHOULDERS, ELBOWS, WRISTS, HANDS, FEET, SPINE & JAW. In this healing we will focus on the Joints and their very specific function. Joints are responsible for movement and action.


May 18th, 11am-12pm EST.

Healing The JOINTS

  • Healthy and functional joints are helping us to express who we are trough movement and action. 


    Flexibility and resilience are qualities that are embodied in the joints.


    Joints are what make gesture possible.


    Symptoms may arise in the joints when a person suffers low self esteem issues related to movement, or changes in roles.


    If you suffer from:

    Arthritis, Rheumatod arthritis, Chondroma, Tendinitis, Knee or Hip replacement, etc.


    Tendons and Ligaments are a very important part of the movement.


    We are going to work with all  the components of the joints and with all the joints in the body.

    We include the full hands and feet, fingers and toes because they are a very articulated part of the body.


    Can you move freely? can you express yourself with the right movement? Can you play? can you run or jump?


    How do you feel about yourself when you can’t do the things that you like?


    All the main joints in the body are energy centers or small chakras, that are processing Universal energy around us.


    Working with the energy of the joins will help to provide effortless movement reducing  the resistance and possible inflammation.

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