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The SPINE is truly the "backbone" of our physical body. It also holds and protects our nervous system in the spinal cord. Is strength, flexibility and movement allows us to live our healthiest life.


August 25th, 8-9pm EDT


We work very specifically with all the Chakras that feed into the spine - First to Fifth. Bringing the energy into the Vertical Power Current. Grounding this energy, moving blockages out of the Backbone,  VPC and the 7 levels of the Human Energy Field. 


We will work in detail with the bones, discs, spinal column, fascia and fluids in the spine. Bringing the energy to the waters, bones and connecting tissues. 

We balance and heal the primordial elements that are keeping the spine alive and healthy. 


Many suffer in today's world with Back or neck issues. Which can be terribly debilitating. 

Allow us to clear and heal the spine. But the spine is very alive, constantly repairing, realigning and finding new ways to support you. 

Healing the HUMAN SPINE

  • Back or Neck Pain - Scoliosis - Headaches - Inflexible (physically/ mentally) - Slipped disc - Numbness/ weakness - Osteoporosis - Surgery, inc fusions

    Feel ungrounded - Neurological issues

    Energetically the spine connects Heaven and Earth or Divine and Mundane.


    We know that the spine is a flexible bone structure that allows us to stand up, walk and do all kinds of movements.


    We know that in the core of the spine there is the spinal cord that is one of the essential parts of our nervous system.


     It helps to regulate many of the functions of the thoracic and abdominal organs.


    In Brennan Healing Science we work with the Vertical Power Current that is the column of energy that runs in the center of our body and runs very close to the physical spine. All the chakras connect in the VPC.


    The alignment with our primordial intention also shows in the spine in the Haric dimension.


    Problems with our spine can be related to our perception of self worth or self esteem. It also can show conflicts with authority and other issues related with fear or feeling safe.

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