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Creativity is your life force and essence expressing itself in the world. It is an overflowing from existence, expressing from your uniquess.


The Universe is constantly creating and manifesting life. We are part of this abundant creation and have a vital role to play, individually and as a collective.

When we are in touch with our creativity a create joy and peace arises within.


This healing supports your essence to flow. To support you to find your purpose and express it across your life. To live your longings.

We are always creating with our thoughts, emotions and actions.

Our creation follows our attention and our intention.

Aligning Hara will always bring focus into your life and into your creation.

Your creativity helps you to expand beyond your comfort zone and thus you grow in consciousness. New possibilities arises from the process of embracing your creativity.


Be it to paint, dance, sing, have a family, a home, or a project you are wanting to bring into the world.


We are here to create. It is a higher aspect of our humanity.


June 4th 11am EST/4pm GMT

Healing for CREATIVITY

  • Do you or a loved one experience:

    A desire to be more creative

    A longing to bring something new into your life


    A feeling life has lost its luster

    Frustration in a relationship, job, or pursuit that does not match your vibration

    Stuck in the same patterns and habits that no longer serve you

    A desire for support


    One of the most important elements to creativity is opening.

    We co-create with the Divine, and in order to do so, we must allow our energy to flow freely and our chakras to open.

    When we open the Crown chakra, the infinite wisdom and beauty of the Universe is available to us.

    When we open our root, the abundance and nutrients of the earth feeds our creativity. Working with our sacral chakra is a big part of opening to creativity; The life force and sensuality of this chakra provide the juice for us to harness our unique gifts.

    Our healers are experts at sensing into and clearing the chakras, which will help the creative magic flow.


    Nothing is created when we are unwilling to risk and make mistakes. Open yourself to this healing, and allow yourself to surrender the need to be perfect.

    We will support you as you are, to unfold and express all that is within you.

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