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To Ground is to Heal

Allow our Healers to ground you... 

Grounding is an essential tool in healing. To feel and be connected to the earth we live on. To be connected to yourself and your life. 


October  13th, 8-9pm EST


This is a healing for the Leaving/ Schizoid  Pattern in the work the 5 Personality Patterns. 


When we are Grounded we are able to expand and enjoy life's experiences in a human body. To feel the Divine Connection but be deeply rooted in yourself and your reality. To be able to bring the higher levels of the field into your physical reality and manifest from this place of balance. 


Grounding brings balance and stablity to all our experiences, physically, mentally, emotionally and physically. 


It is a simple but essential skill to bring us back to ourself. 


  • If you or a loved one suffer:




    Wild emotions

    Schizoid tendencies


    Lack of self esteem 

    Lack of motivation 


    Unable to manifest your dreams

    This simple but essential tool to bring you back to yourself empowers you to.....

    Feel deeply again, be present to the joy of what is unfolding in your life. 

    It supports you to take full responsibility for your life and health. 

    When you are here, everything that is not you disappears.... 

    Fears, belief systems, dis-ease, conflict, to name a few. 

    Grounding affects the living matrix, which is the central connector between living cells.


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