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What is your vision in Life? Can you see your future? Can you see your past? Can you see what you really want? Can you see reality?


December 1st, 8pm-9pm EDT.

The EYES - VISION healing

  • In this healing we will work with your vision. We will start with the physical eyes and we will go to the energetic 3rd eye and the 6th chakras.


    The eye is our organ of vision and is linked to the occipital lobe of the brain by means of the optic nerve.

    In this healing we will work precisely with the beautiful complexity of this organ. Most of the disorders related to the eyes and the different components of the eyes are related to conflicts between what we are seeing and what we want to see or with what we are not able to see.


    Some of the conditions related to the eyes are:

    Glaucoma, Keratitis, , Astigmatism, Green Cataract, Conjunctivitis, Amblyopia, Blindness, Detached Retina, Hyperopia, Macular Retinopathy, Myopia, Nystagmus, Presbyopia, Deuteranopia, Strabismus and others.


    We are going to extend the work to the pineal gland and to the 6th chakras energies that help us to see beyond the physical reality.


    Opening the vision to higher aspects of reality will help to recreate the frame of physical existence, to a expanded perception that includes supporting dimensions of our spiritual nature.


    Front Sixth chakra is associated with the capacity to visualize and understand mental concepts. This includes the personal conception of the Universe or reality.


    Back Sixth Chakra is associated with implementing the creative ideas formulated through the center in the forehead. Ideas can be followed by the right action if the center is open.

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