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Strong and Healthy Energetic Boundaries allow us to connect deeply, feel love and compassion for those we love (or don't).


November 24th, 8-9pm EST.


For the upcoming holidays, give yourself this support to find new ways to experience this season. 


Having good boundaries helps us say no or move away. 

But strong energetic boundaries is a deeper healing to allow you to stand firm in who you are, what you believe and create the life you truly long for.

In this space you are able to be ok or even enjoy this space of togetherness. 


If you ever feel...


- Struggle with family relationships 

- Unheard or bullied.

- Hard time pursuing your interests when in relationship.

- Do you wish you could say “no”.

- Feel you can’t speak your truth for fear you will be rejected or judged.

- Have a hard time grounding into your true reality.  

- Feel confused or unclear about what your PURPOSE is. 

- Rather hide or isolate than try to be in relationship with those that cause you discomfort. 

Energetic Boundaries

  • We will support you to align with your primordial intention (Hara).  Balance your energy field creating a strong coherence that allows our unique purpose to be present and in resonance in our energy field.

    Clear the energetic cords which helps to let go of the unhealthy relationship and transform it into a next phase that can be healthy for us and the other.

    Healthy Energetic Boundaries require your presence. 

    It allows you to let go of the old, that no longer serves you and the space to bring in the new possibilities you long to live. 


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