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Emotions are a type of energy. It is an energy that connects us with Life in a deep way.


When we allow our emotional bodies to flow and be present in our life, we can experience that we really belong to this Life that is happening all the time in and around us.


We have our emotional energy in the unstructured levels of the HEF ( Human Energy Field)

In the second level of the field we will find emotions towards oneself.

In the fourth level of the field we will find emotions towards others.

In the sixth level of the field we will find spiritual emotions.


Many people when experiencing emotions that are associated with pain , they close the emotional flow to not suffer anymore but they actually close the flow to any kind of emotions and they start missing the beauty of Life.


They can feel beyond thought and "control", but they are intrinsic to our human experience. Fear is our survival - fight or flight. Joy, bliss are the peak experience of being human. 


Our emotions are linked to the primordial elements and how they express is connected eg Sadness - Water, Anger - Fire, Joy - Air. 


They are a one of the ways our deeper being and unconscious expresses itself.


Emotions come and go, but can manifest deep and longlasting realities for you and others.

Emotions is a way of feeling, knowing and connecting with ourselves and life. 

At times creating damage in our body-mind, others and environment. 


At times emotions can over ride reason. Many try to find ways to control or negate our emotions, but if we can find a centered, present space and allow our emotions to express and live, in a natural way, deep healing can occur. 


Emotions can often come from space of deep and old trauma, which we are unaware of, but allowing them allows for healing of these old wounds. 


When we experience a shock or trauma, if we are not able to express the emotions in that moment, this is held in our physical body and can manifest into dis-ease later in life. 


We are conditioned not so show our emotions,  that it makes us seem weak. 


June 30th, 8-9pm EST

Healing The EMOTIONS

  • But allowing your emotions to flow allows a vulnerability and opening in your entire being. 


    Tears and sadness are an overflowing of the heart, bringing us close to who we are. 

    Rage and anger is our life force expressing, standing for your truth, creating boundaries. 

    Joy is what we all long for, this fleeting moment ignites the human spirit with a love for life. 

    Fear is survival, and only serves us in that moment, holding it an allowing it to manifest in your mind creates physical and mental instablity and illness. 


    In this healing we will work on grounding you deeply into the earth and yourself. Helping you to be able to experience and allow  your emotions rather than feelign take over by them. 

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