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This special healing works on connecting us with the Divine/ Source/ God. 

During this auspicious time of  Easter, Pesach, beginning of Rivdan,  our connection with the Divine energies are strong. This healing opens us to perceive these connections and guide us to our highest potential. 

While we are in the transition part of the year, Spring , where our inward illumination begins moving outwards into the world. 


December 23rd, 8-9pm EST 


  • Our relationship to the Divine, A higher power, or God is what lights up our spiritual reality. 

    This healing will support us in remembering our Divine Source, clear any distortions that diminish our feeling of belonging as a perfect child of God, and replenish the light within that sustains us through the winter.

    Alignment with Divine Will allows us to rest and recover from the activity of our lives. 

    The healers will support this beautiful alignment, and connect us to Heaven and Earth.

    We will experience together the stunning light that emanates from within each of us when we are connected to the Divine.

    This will strengthen your relationship to yourself, your inner truth, wisdom and power. Allowing you to connect to others more deeply from a space of pure love. The pure Divine Love that connects all living beings. 

    In this Holiday season, give yourself the gift of the Divine Connection Healing!

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