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Abundance is the sense that we have all what we need to survive, to live and thrive in any given moment. The truth is that we are abundant beyond measure. If we were not abundant enough we would not be here.


October 27th, 8-9pm EDT


We are born into abundance, the natural world provides everything we need... and from this we are able to create whatever

Abundance we desire. Love, financial, beauty, joy, health....


As babies we can experience abundance in relation to being fed but also in receiving enough emotional attention, so our needs are met and we can be and grow up.


It is natural to feel that abundance comes from the outside or others when we are hungry and food is not coming, and as little babies we are dependent from our caregivers.


It is easy to believe life is not giving you what you want. But with a slight change in perspective, that moving the Energy can give.... One realizes everything is there for you to reach out and take it. 


  • Do you have a sense of scarcity in your life?

    Do you have enough?

    Do you have enough love but you are lacking money?

    Do you have enough money but you are lacking quality time for yourself?

    Do you feel your body and health are not able to see your through a long lifetime? Or feel worried by illness (internal our external)

    Maybe you just have a sense of lack in your life?


    In this healing... we are going to work with the alignment of your intention to be here.

    We are going to work with your connection with Mother Earth and the whole Universe that is supporting you.

    We will work at a cellular level, helping your physical body to feel enough and strong.

    We will charge all the levels of the field so you can have a stronger perception of who you really are.

    We will hold infinite unconditional love for you.

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