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mié, 21 abr



Reproductive and Sexual Energy Healing

REMOTE ENERGY HEALING We Create Life through the reproductive systems. We are constantly creating and feeling the pleasure of our moment by moment creations through our sexual energy.

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Reproductive and Sexual Energy Healing
Reproductive and Sexual Energy Healing

Horario y ubicación

21 abr 2021, 11:00 – 12:00 GMT-4


Acerca del evento

Join us for a Universal Healing, a group long distance healing, performed by a team of highly experienced Brennan Healing Science Practitioners.

In this healing we will be clearing and balancing the Reproductive and Sexual System in a very specific way.

Do you or a loved one suffer from:



Unable to enjoy orgasm or sex

Ovarian, Breast, Prostrate cancer

Polycystic ovaries

Had a hysterectomy/ prostrate removal

Struggle with Intimacy

Any surgery eg Gender Affirming surgery, c-section, implants (breast, penile)

Need support or balance in sexual energies



Lack of life force

Connecting to the Planet, Earth and Nature

Feeling the pleasure of just being

This system is about creating life (physical reproduction being only a part of it), the life of our deepest longings and desires.

Imbalances in this system care create blockages, making creation harder. It's the system that runs our life energy, abundance and joy. Bringing harmony back can have an intense and immediate impact on our life.

The physical organs we will be working on include the genitals, reproductive organs, breasts, hormones, and supports that run these systems.

We will work with the different levels of the energy field and the dimensions that support the health of the Reproductive and Sexual Systems.

We can have injuries (physical or emotional) or illnesses that inhibit the regular function of organs. For example..... shame and guilt are strong emotions that stop the natural flow of energy to and in the sexual organs.

Wounding around our sexual and reproductive systems can be imbalances we've carried from an early age, even lifetimes, manifesting in physical or emotional defense or illness. They can also be part of collective stories of abuse, shame, survival, suppression... in this healing these old patterns and energies, that no longer serve us, can be cleared in a powerful and gentle way.

Distant healing is an ancient but also very advanced practice. It works as significantly as if you are physical present with the healers. We connect with your energy field and work on your energetic, physical and spiritual systems.

Group healing is a powerful tool as we connect the group of healers and hold the group of participants in a unified field. This connection amplifies the healing for all.

Your participation will involve you being in a space of receiving. We recommend you to lie or sit down, in a quiet, restful place, if possible, this allows you to truly feel and experience the self care. If not, you can continue with life as its happening and the healing will still reach you. If you are in another time zone, in your sleeping time, this a great space of receptivity for healing. This is not a zoom call.

It's pure energy healing for you to receive as a gift to yourself.

You are also welcome to gift a healing to others in your family or community.

Universal Healing is an opportunity to make healing available to all, in an affordable way, we can be anywhere in the world and receive it.

The Brennen healers have 7 years of training at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing.

Where energy healing is learned as a science and a 4 year Bachelor degree of Healing Science can be acquired. Some are teachers of this work. These healers have diverse and extensive experience holding large groups, working in the distance and with successful practices of healing and therapists.

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