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Healer - Trauma Therapist - Teacher

Ed has hand on experience working with Trauma, which he brings into his healing work.

He worked for the City of London Police and theMetropolitan Police in London for a number of years specializing in the investigation of violent crimes with focus on victim care in what was then called the Sapphire Unit.

Ed has an online-based healing practice and is passionate about integrating all his skills to teach embodied compassion as a way to access the infinite source of wisdom that is inherent in all of us.

He lives in Venice, Italy, with his partner where they own a very successful business.
Ed speaks Spanish, English, Italian, as well as the Venetian dialect.

Ed is a Core Energetics therapist and facilitator as well as a certified Classical Pilates Instructor and Yoga teacher.

Ed is a teacher at the Barbara Brennan School in Oxford.

He later completed the Advance Studies and Teacher Training programs; he is also certified to lead Hands of Light ® workshops.

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